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How to Prepare for the Essay Tests in Non-Scheduled College Entrance Exams for 2011 - Yu Hwang Wu.

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Seoul, South Korea, August 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- 'Yu Hwang-wu Essay Class' explains how to prepare for the essay tests in non-scheduled college entrance exams for 2011.

As the percentage of new college students selected by non-scheduled exams has increased every year, the trend will continue for the 2011 entry. In fact, 60% of all new students are admitted through non-scheduled exams, and the selection processes will be highly diversified by college.

In particular, make-ups for non-scheduled exams will be introduced for entrance in 2012. Recently, the Korean Council for University Education has stated in the basics for the university entrance exams for the academic year 2012 that they would "allow universities and colleges to supplement new students to the previously announced number through non-scheduled make-up exams, in accordance with the continuous increase in the number of students selected by non-scheduled exams."

Like this, while most universities select more and more students by non-scheduled exams, the importance and influence of "essay tests" have significantly increased. Essay tests are the core element of this year's non-scheduled college entrance exams, positioning themselves as the decisive factor of success in university entrance.

Major universities throughout the country, including those in Seoul, select an average of 50% of new undergraduates by non-scheduled exams offering essay tests. In particular, some of the candidates for these exams are admitted based only on the essay test score. In other words, even if your school records are weak, you will still be in an advantage if you are strong in essays.

Hence, candidates for non-scheduled exams must start preparing for the essay tests immediately. More importantly, these essay tests are starting next month. Then how can you obtain a high score in the essay test when you have such a limited time until the test? Hwang-wu Yu, the president of the Yu Hwang-wu Language and Essay, will answer this question.

- Check the essay question types of your desired colleges, and refer to the questions from the previous exams.

To prepare for the essay tests, candidates must first check the question types of their desired colleges, as well as the questions' features for each subject group. Make yourself aware of the essay test processes of your desired colleges by collecting the information on their essay test schedules, the number of questions for each test, the time limits, test characteristics and the percentage of candidates selected by the essay test scores among all successful candidates.

Non-scheduled essay questions tend to be standardized as most colleges have set many essay tests over the years. Hence, referring to the past questions for your desired colleges will greatly help you prepare for the essay test. Since the question trends also differ between the subject groups, candidates for the arts courses should focus on essays dealing with language and sociological topics while science candidates should focus on ones related to mathematics and science.

In addition, each candidate must identify his or her essay skills correctly and develop plans to improve his or her skills systematically and effectively. The plans must be devised in a way that enables the candidate to encounter questions from a wide range of topics, and those that match his or her current ability.

- The essay exams for 2011 will maintain the cross-curricular form.

It is expected that the essay test questions will follow a cross-curricular style, for both arts and sciences.

Hence, candidates for science and engineering are advised to prepare for essays integrating mathematics, those on science, and those integrating the arts and science, and so on. This is because most of the essay questions require applying the knowledge of various subjects such as mathematics, science and physics. In addition, since essay questions for science and engineering focus on the ability to solve problems, it is important to describe and explain the solution process logically rather than finding out the answer. Precise understanding of the basics concepts and principles within each subject is essential.

Based on its essay question trend, each university or college can set questions that integrate various topics, such as sociology, economics, mathematics, humanities, science, and so on. Hence, candidates must study in a way to improve the ability to understand what each question asks you and to think in an integrated way, as well as developing writing skills. Also, practice various questions that require data interpretation and application.

- The CSAT is indispensable in college entrance and must not be neglected.

Essay-based selection processes are literally ones in which your essay score determines the success in non-scheduled exams. In fact, many candidates with weak school records were accepted by turning the tables with high essay scores.

However, candidates must remember that the College Scholastic Ability Test(CSAT) is the basic factor that determines securing a place at college. Some universities and colleges may require the minimum CSAT score to be entered for non-scheduled exams. Priority selections also offer separate selection processes for top CSAT scorers. Hence, candidates must make sure that preparation for the essay test does not interfere with the CSAT preparation.

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