Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Travel Gear Set 2: Shoot, Think, Write

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"Better coverage of midsize and small commercial printers. It's well written and is an easy read."

- Bill Nichols, Blip Printers twitter facebook Tweet & retweet

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Trade show managers (including GASC) are fed up with McCormick Place. See

A 33-year-old CA printer struggled with debt, technology changes & a shrinking market. What could it have done differently? See

In 2009, Amazon sold 19% of printed books in North America vs. Barnes & Noble's 17% and Borders' 10%. By 2015, Credit Suisse estimates Amazon will sell 28%. See BLOG I agree with KOB

"I just read Katherine O'Brien's article in your March issue. ('Dude, where's my industry?') This is one of the best editorials I have ever read. I have been in the printing business for 30 years and still find the technology fascinating. O'Brien's article confirmed that it isn't just me who knows where our industry is headed. Technology will take the next generation to a whole new level."

- Dale Hall, Printing and Mailing Dept., University of Oregon InFocus GuestBlog BLOG

The scoop on LED UV

Excerpt | "How can we judge the success of the UV curing of inks and varnishes using light-emitting diodes (LED)? The enthusiastic advertising claims of various suppliers sound extremely promising.

Besides low energy consumption, minimal wear, a compact design and no warming-up time, the lack of infrared radiation also reduces the time and money spent on cooling. However, running counter to all these benefits is the fact that, as yet, not enough suitable printing inks and varnishes are available on the market. My aim is to take an in-depth look at this new technology that is part and parcel of everyday life."

- Bill Bonallo, vice president, sheetfed group, IST America Corp. (

See |

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