Monday, February 15, 2010

Broisms are lame.(LETTERS)(Letter to the editor).

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Let me preface this by saying that I am a big Chris Cote fan. I recognize him for bringing a hilarious voice and rad style to surf mags and for creating a magazine personality and authority whose opinions are even sought by other non-surfing magazines [see November 2009 issue of Skiing]. That being said, I have been thinking of writing this letter for quite a while and finally felt compelled to do so.

The Broisms have become entirely lame. It is a shame that such a groundbreaking and hilarious creation as the Broism is being given such an unheroic decline. Not only have the words themselves become stupid and not funny, but the example sentences are full on cop-outs, further proving that the word will never really be used in conversation.

For example, the last three Broisms end exactly the same: "... he's my Home Debrot." "... he's my all-time Radibrohead" and "... he's my Jamie Bro'Brien."

Instead of continuing with this lexicographical embarrassment, perhaps you could republish some of the truly great original Broisms, which if I remember correctly, came out in a Summer 2001 issue. I remember busting at the seams with my bro on an airplane to Australia reading about "Broduce--vegatables that bros eat," and "Roller broster--going straight on a wave and not doing any turns." Now those were funny.

Charles Abadie

Half Moon Bay, California

In all honesty, I too have wrestled with the notion of giving Broisms a proper and honorable discharge from duty. Here's my dilemma: We invented Broisms in 1999, since then Broisms have become common usage in all facets of American culture. So what do we do? Do we cut our losses and close the Broism Dictionary forever, or do we push on and scour the globe for more broisms, even if it means stretching our original mantra, of boldly broing where no bro has gone before? Since broisms are kind of my children, I cannot be asked to put them to rest, I leave it up to you, the readers and fans of TransWorld SURF: should Broisms be laid to rest? E-mail us at and tell us your opinion.

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Abadie, Charles. "Broisms are lame." TransWorld SURF Mar. 2010: 30. Popular Magazines. Web. 15 Feb. 2010.
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