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USA, Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship Program.(Outside CA: WRITERS &SCRIPTS).


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Nickelodeon is seeking scripts for its Writing Fellowship Program, designed to broaden its outreach efforts in order to attract, develop, and staff new, experienced, culturally, and ethnically diverse writing talent on Nickelodeon network productions. Program also offers hands-on experience writing spec scripts, pitching story ideas, attending storyboard pitches, and table reads in both live action and animation television. The Fellowship operates in a three-phase structure over a one-year period. The audition phase (phase one) lasts six weeks and allows each of the chosen fellows to write one spec script. The fellow's writing talent and progress are evaluated to determine if they are qualified to remain in the program. The development phase (phase two) lasts 10 weeks and again each fellow writes one spec script. In addition, they are integrated into the activities of the production/development department. Each fellow is assigned to a team that consists of two executives (one from live action and one from animation), a manager or coordinator, and an assistant. The manager or coordinator functions as the point person on the team and the assistants maintain the schedules. This approach allows the fellows an opportunity to attend storyboard pitches, notes meetings, records, table reads, show pitches, and show tapings, all while being exposed to top creators and key production crews. During the placement phase (phase three), the fellow will spend the remaining 34 weeks of their time in the program. They will write another spec script and pitch one original idea. This three-phase structure aLlows the fellow an opportunity to come in contact with creators, network executives, line producers, head writers, showrunners, story editors, etc. As part of their script writing, each fellow will be assigned to an on-air show and have an opportunity to write a spec script for that show all while working with the executive in charge of production Position start is TBD in Burbank

Seeking--Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Writers: 18+, must be a US citizen and currently reside in the US, no previous writing experience is necessary, applicants who have previously applied to the program and have not yet been selected as a fellow are welcome and encouraged to reapply with different spec script. Appropriate live action spec scripts include a half-hour TV script based on a current TV series. Appropriate animation spec scripts include an 11 to 30-minute script based on a current animated TV series. An emphasis on comedy is required, spec scripts must be typed in standard script format in black ink and in 12 point courier-style font printed on 8-1/2x11, three-hole punched white paper with only two brass fasteners (top and bottom). Loose leaf pages will not be accepted. Coordinators will not consider feature-length screenplays, treatments, outlines, plays, short stories, books, graphics, magazine/newspaper articles, audio/videotapes, or digital media. Produced works will not be accepted. Note: Submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines will not be considered.

Send submission package between Jan. 2-Feb. 28, 2007 to Nickelodeon Animation Studio, 231 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, CA 91502, Attn: Nick Writing FeLlowship. All candidates must complete the application package that includes two copies of a spec script, a one-page resume, a half-page biography, a completed application form, and a submission release that will allow us to read your material. Application materials should be clipped to the front of the writing sample and not bound within material. You may only submit two copies of one spec script (this applies to both individual writers and writing teams). No subsequent revisions will be accepted. All scripts must contain a cover page listing the title and your name, address, and telephone number. This address will be used for notification by mail of the final determination of your application. For more info, call (818) 736-3663, email, or visit Salary provided. (First posted 10/26/06)

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