Wednesday, January 13, 2010

8 journals to guide researchers in state; University Granth NirmanBoard & Commissioner of higher education have launched the effort.


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The kind of researches taking place in Gujarat can be assessed from the dismal fact that most of the state's researchers do not know how to draft, write or present their findings. The pathetic state was further highlighted by the idea to publish eight different subject journals for state's university and college teachers by January 2010.

This first of its kind effort is being taken up by the commissioner of higher education and University Granth Nirman Board to publish eight pan-Gujarat journals biannually from January 2010 loaded with research works. This effort is expected to boost the quality of research works undertaken in the state.

By January teachers of state universities and colleges will have their own journals on eight different subjects. These journals will be exclusively for Gujarati teachers who have done researches and looking for space to be published. The eight journals will be biannual and after first edition in January the second edition will be published in every June.

These journals will be on Humanity, Language and Translation, Social Science, Sciences, Law, Education, Inter-disciplinary subjects, Commerce and Management.

For this purpose a board of editors has been set up wherein the subject experts make changes and correction before publishing. Prior to it a workshop was also conducted on how to do and write research papers.

However, according to sources one-third of the articles collected by the experts have been rejected because of many reasons ranging from poor language, poor presentation of the facts, having no value in research among others. Sources also said that since most of the articles received have been poorly written, the journals will mostly carry invited articles.

"We are facing some problems as we will be publishing these journals for the first time. In most of the articles we have found that the writer doesn't know the format of writing research papers, or the language of drafting is poor," said Ranjana Argade, head of Hindi department in Gujarat Univerisity. Argade is looking after the Language and Translation journal.

According to the coordinator of the entire programme, Brajesh Bhat, the idea to publish the journals is also to give space to those teachers who work in rural areas but hardly get a chance to publish their works. He further said that on an average each journal will be carrying 15 research papers. He said that scholars like former vice-chancellor of Babasaheb Ambedker Open University, AK Singh, retired professor of SP University, Prashant Dave, and retired professor of Gujarat University, Sidharth Bhat, have been involved as advisors in the entire process.

"We want to create an atmosphere of research work. We have been doing good research works and there is great potential. Therefore, we are just trying to provide a platform to encourage such works. It's a community effort and we hope it brings some fruitful changes in future," said Jayanti Ravi, commissioner of higher education and vice-chairperson of University Granth Nirman Board.

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