Thursday, September 10, 2009

Such stuff as dreams are made on. (using Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' at Kell Bank primary school in Colsterdale, England)(TES Primary).

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The 39 pupils at Kell Bank primary school in Colsterdale, England, have been working extensively on Shakespeare's 'The Tempest.' Indeed, it has been possible to use this play in almost every curriculum subject. Pupils are introduced to classical and Norse myths and Shakespeare's plays at an early stage, and learn a lot by heart. 'The Tempest' was used over several days as part of a two-week topic on the Tudors. It was also used in mathematics to extend a topic on materials and in art, with the pupils making a clay tablet based on the play.

Named Works: The Tempest (Dryden, John) (Play) Study and teaching

Source Citation:Williams, Elaine. "Such stuff as dreams are made on." Times Educational Supplement n4269 (April 24, 1998 n4269): C10(4). Academic OneFile. Gale. BROWARD COUNTY LIBRARY. 10 Sept. 2009

ArabicChinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional)DeutchEspanolFrenchItalianJapaneseKoreanPortugueseRussian

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