Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Legal writing.(newsbeat).

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The Paralyzed Veterans of America has announced the winners of its fifth annual legal writing competition. This year's topic was, "Should Congress Maintain, Modify, or Completely Redesign the Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits Adjudication Process, and How Would the Result Improve the Current System?"

Rory E. Riley, a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) attorney in Washington, D.C., won the competition's first prize for her paper, "Preservation, Modification, or Transformation? The Current State of the Department of Veterans Affairs Disability Benefits Adjudication Process and Why Congress Should Modify, Rather than Maintain or Completely Redesign the Current System."

James D. Ridgway, an attorney at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, won second prize, for his submission "Lessons the Veterans Benefits System Must Learn on Gathering Expert Witness Evidence."

The winners were selected from a highly competitive field of papers.

Through these competitions, which are open to all law students and attorneys, PVA hopes to generate thoughtful discussion on Important legal topics that affect veterans.

Contact: www.pva.org.

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