Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pen needle.(NEW PRODUCTS).

Responding to growing demand from healthcare workers for a greater choice of pen needles in the hospital setting, BD Medical--Diabetes Care, introduces the 8mm BD AutoShield Pen Needle, expanding its existing safety pen needle line. Insulin pens offer several advantages over vials, which include decreasing the time required to prepare and administer insulin as well as reducing medication waste compared with dispensing full insulin vials for each patient. These pen needles help reduce needlestick injuries and ensure compliance without compromising injection technique; fit all insulin pens and dosers available in U.S. hospitals and can be used for subcutaneous injections of other drugs delivered in pens. A broad shield diameter helps reduce pressure on patients' skin.

BD Medical--Diabetes Care


Source Citation:"Pen needle.(NEW PRODUCTS)." Healthcare Purchasing News 33.3 (March 2009): 48(1). Academic OneFile. Gale. BROWARD COUNTY LIBRARY. 22 Aug. 2009

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