Monday, March 16, 2009

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To begin, a reef is an opening in the sea, but by a narrow slit, with water developments which allow a small craft to enter and exit. A lagoon, on the other hand, is a natural variety of tropical beauty, seen with a wide variety of animal life.

Moreover, a lagoon will nurse different size animals. Shark invested water will attack men, thereby, a shark's powerful and large grip of jaws of a shark places a boat with no chance in safe harbor from an attack.

However a Lagoon and the internet have enabled online connectors to communicate in naturalistic areas. Thus, by giving a wider breath of exposure while reaching a wider range of people tailored toward your audience; team building between nature and electonic communication; develops.

Also, curious cumber-like creatures - or things - that stay on the bottom of the naturalist lagoon environment; can be transcibed into textual material from Internet communication, relaying life under water over the globe - not just locally.

A novel is published, based on a collection of team building thoughts and ideas; written down.


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