Friday, December 4, 2009 Introduces 30-Day Free Access to Resume Seminar Series.

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Valuable workshops show the experienced worker how to advertise best skills

SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- (OEC), the career mentor for the experienced worker, today announced the launch of a new series of workshops that enable participants to develop skills in writing a computer-friendly resume that can be easily tailored for each job opportunity. Recently launched, the site's exclusive focus is to serve as a learning and mentoring hub by providing tools specific to the needs of the experienced worker to compete successfully in today's job market.


For a limited time, OEC will be offering free access to workshops that will normally sell for $59.95 each. Facilitated by human resources and training experts Denise Pringle and Tim Ravey, the resume workshops on OurExperienceCounts' online community offer job seekers the skills necessary to build a library of success stories and leverage them to more effectively market themselves - resulting in their gaining a competitive edge in the job search process.

Embarking on a job search or career transition often involves several critical steps, not the least of which is having a resume which speaks to the needs of the hiring company and manager. Done right, a polished resume opens the door, typically triggering enough interest to secure the initial interview. There are several existing options to brush up these skills, however they are often costly (sometimes up to $700) or are not specialized enough to meet the needs of the seasoned worker. Experienced workers, in particular, will benefit from alternatives to the one-size-fits-all software-generated templates or pricey services of the professional resume writer as they launch their job search. Moreover, the more experienced employee faces additional positioning challenges. For example, this candidate has to know how to position a transition from a long-time job or a surprise layoff, or how to strategically handle age-related questions.

"Landing a job starts with having a resume that speaks to your achievements in a concise format, and more important, one which compels the reader to place yours in the 'must call' pile," said Jeff Winters, chief executive officer of OurExperienceCounts. "While there are numerous services out there that tackle the resume, they fall short for the experienced applicant in terms of focus, strategy and/or affordability. In launching this next series of workshops, our goal is to enable the job seeker to become their best career coach by helping them develop an action plan, master the resume and excel in all aspects of the job search process."

About OEC's Resume Experts

Directed and produced by senior executive David Goldstein, workshops showcase the talents of Denise Pringle and Tim Ravey. Pringle has served in human resources leadership roles for several large companies and has taught at San Jose State University. Ravey is a professional trainer, bringing more than 30 years of training experience to OEC, including having developed online education modules at FedEx.

The seminar series complements other resources on the site including: a workshop library; a job search advice column "Ask Cher" written by a senior HR executive; blogs written from varied perspectives (e.g. recruiter's, someone facing imminent layoff, etc.); and, job search strategy and action kits including a free Career Action Planning Kit.

"After taking OurExperienceCounts' resume workshops, I realized that I needed my resume to be more targeted, with a stronger focus on my career successes," said Ty Haley of Aptos, CA. "The workshops walked me through the steps I needed to identify and describe my successes succinctly and consistently - turning my resume into a more effective marketing tool. I would recommend OEC to anyone looking for a job since this organization provides information and training that would be useful to job seekers of all ages, and at every stage in their career."

Signing up for the workshops

From the OEC home page, workshops are showcased on the top right portion of the page. Simply click on the workshops to sign up and download the collateral materials free for the next 30 days. The workshops contain information and exercises that will enable participants to evaluate and then execute including:

-- Samples of good and bad resumes; including examples of resume
-- Exercises to reinforce the training that they have taken;
-- Sample job postings; and,

-- An instruction sheet on using the resume viewing software.

The workshop runs about two hours, not including the time necessary to complete recommended assignments. Workshops are available 24/7 online and may be repeated during the 30-day period. They are complemented by OEC's free Job Search Action Planning Kit, which provides tools and enables the management and tracking of the individual's job search activities. Once the free access period expires on Nov. 15, 2009, the workshops will resume normal pricing.

About is an online community dedicated to providing the tools and support necessary for mature, experienced workers to extend their careers or make a career transition. By providing tools specific to the needs of the experienced worker, we enable them to compete successfully in a job market that often chooses youth over experience. As our economy seeks to throw off the chains of a recession that has impacted all of us, companies require the expertise and wisdom that come with experience to develop and execute new or modified business plans. Experience will be at a premium, but technology has also brought changes to the job search process since many of us last needed to seek employment. With proper guidance and support from OurExperienceCounts, candidates will be able to develop the personal marketing plan necessary to clearly define how their experience and past successes translate into the talents potential employers are seeking.

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